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We are very excited to announce that DAAA Haus will be supplying you with a complimentary monthly serving of DAAA Vitamins – the juiciest bits from our online design blog, with the very latest trending news from the design world and updates on our latest work.

Each monthly DAAA Vitamins shot will fill you with the hottest design finds, crisp and topical insights into interior design ideas, architecture, modern furniture, home decor, art, style and technology. We won’t bombard you with too much information, just one email shot a month to give you a taster of what there is on our blog.


At DAAA Haus, our objective is to get people to appreciate and love design as much as we do, and we’re doing this through our social media presence that is constantly updated, our design blog with frequent posts, and now also the DAAA Vitamins monthly newsletter. All of these tie in very well with and our recently opened design gallery in San Gwann, showcasing some of the items we are talking about. Our gallery is not a retail shop, and we do not sell anything from our website. We just want to share our passion for tasteful design with everyone we know because that’s how we roll.

Please visit or follow us on facebook for more information and feel free to share this with your friends. Every month, one of our DAAA Vitamins subscribers will win a designer item, and one day it could be you.


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Bespoke Cycles Event Milan

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017



Thursday, March 16th, 2017

DAAA Haus & Bespoke cycle collaborate on an exhibition to ride in style! How it all started… Bespoke cycles was born when Francesco Massari, an Italian motor bike, bicycle artisan and cyclist enthusiast met DAAA HAUS, a young and growing design studio. The team is made out of passionate cyclists with over fifty years combined experience in the cycling and […]

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