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Introducing Delta Light

Delta Light, founded by designer Paul Ameloot develops lighting solutions that enhance peoples lives. The aim is to inspire people worldwide, and to create successful projects. Most lighting products are designed internally, by architects and designers, however over the last year, Delta Light has collaborated with new designers and architects. Having worked with Delta Light for a number of years, designers from DAAA Haus were given the lovely opportunity to visit the Delta Light premises, which included a full tour of the many exciting products which the company has to offer.

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Delta Experience: Through a DAAA designer’s eyes


Delta Experience:

During the company tour we had the pleasure to see and learn about: The design process / testing of prototype / study of led technology / Assembly / logistics / Sales and Lighting technology. This was possible by visiting both factory and Offices.

Lighting Bible 12 new product focus – In a lab it was present the new lighting bible 12 and some of the new products that are found in it. To enhance the experience it was offered to the visitors the pleasure to see the products first hand to understand more the complexity of the lighting product and understand the different components that forms it.

Delta light tools- In the same Lab the visitors had the pleasure to learn more about the sales process and how it has changed during the years. It was explained how important now a day social media had become and how  important it is to  be up to date to offer the best service you can to the customer. To the visitors it was demonstrated the new website of Delta light and explained how this website was studied and designed in a way to help professionals to deliver a more professional service, while facilitating the process.

Lighting Lab- The lighting Lab was a crucial part in the experience since it was demonstrated the different aspects of light, which will help the architect and designer understand more the importance of light source and how it can transform a space or product completely. With the right light source the Designer/ architect has the chance to enhance his work, if the right product and light is being used. During the lighting lab it was explained that it is not just about the light fitting aesthetic, but also about the light source you have in the light fitting. During the lighting lab experience the visitors had the pleasure to Study: Application of light / illumination / Quality of light (CRI) and colour temperatures. This study was facilitated by the use of case studies and show chasing different examples during the Lighting lab experience. One last thing that was tackled during the lighting lab was the LED technology. It was explained to the visitors the improvement that was done during the years and how now a day it is still improving and companies needs to be all the time on track to offer the best products to the customer.

  On the Last day the visitors had the pleasure to enjoy the Beautiful city of Brogue, while seeing Delta light being used in live case studies.

Learning experience:  It could be that as designers / architects we are more interested in the aesthetics of the light fitting when it comes to choose a product for the project.

During the Delta Light Experience you learn how in reality you have two aspects in light fittings which are very important, which are the light fitting itself and the light source. In architectural lighting most of the time the light source is more important since it would enhance the work done by the designer / architect. Another Lesson learned is that the quality of light (CRI) and the colour temperatures are crucial to transmit the right atmosphere the designer/ architect wants to create. By using excellent products such as Delta light, The Architect / Designer has the opportunity to deliver a better project while offering the best solutions to the client. 

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