DAAA Haus expands to Italy

DAAA Haus, the design, arts and architecture associates behind several refurbishment projects in Malta, has recently branched out into Italy, fulfilling the company’s “dream” to export its work since it was set up six years ago.

Having built up a strong portfolio over the years, including hotels, catering establishments and private residences, the company convinced its Italian partners to open a subsidiary, DAAA Italia – the first step towards exporting the brand to other markets.

“Really, we are exporting our approach to design, our energy and our philosophy,” DAAA Haus creative director Keith Pillow said, adding that the vision for the future has always to expand overseas.

In fact, the next step is a DAAA Milan studio, which would work under the direction of DAAA Italia franchise branch. Talks are already under way with an archtiect and a graphic designer from Milan.

“The idea is to enter markets that are synonymous with and are considered to be the capitals of design,” he continued, adding that setting up the DAAA brand in these cities was more a question of pride than a financial matter.

“With our mix of branding knowledge, marketing and business acumen thrown into architecture and design, I believe we have much to offer even in highly competitive markets like London and Milan.

“We do not intend to get involved in major architectural projects in these cities, but to work on iconic cafes and collaborate with other designers,” he said, adding that to do so, DAAA Haus needed to be “on the ground” and had, in fact, already identified a space in Shoreditch in London’s East End.

Meanwhile, the DAAA Gallery in Ragusa, Sicily – “the space that completes our philosopy” – was recently inaugurated. “It is the space we work in and sets the scene and ambience for our clients; it is our business card,” Mr Pillow said about the studio concept.

DAAA Haus currently employs a five-strong team of designers and architects, and is constantly being approached by new faces, fresh out of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology.

The Italian offshoot, which counts seven in its team, has adopted its concept of a holistic approach to the design process, including branding, and pays a franchise fee to the local company.

DAAA Haus forms part of Logix Holdings and is supported by Logix Creative in its marketing. In turn, it provides creative direction to the Italian arm.

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