On the occasion of milan design week 2014, a new industry player has come to fruition: TOG, an innovative furniture brand and creative community, which combines the best of technology, humanity and craftsmanship. 21 families of products — from outdoor bar tables to stackable chairs — have been introduced to the label, materialized from a high-end roster of designers including sebastian bergne, jonathan bui quang da, sam hecht + kim colin, ambroise maggiar, nicola rapetti, dai sugasawa and philippe starck.


As a collaborative exercise between designer and consumer, TOG — or, ‘all creators together’ — provides the designer collections in open source, through an online platform. customers are asked to be involved in the conception and process if they wish, taking ownership of the practice of making and sharing ideas. ‘TOG is the only company who shows clearly that the only acceptable next trend is the freedom of choice and the freedom to be different’ starck told designboom. each client has the possibility to enjoy the piece as a naked design object while also getting the opportunity to form their own personal mix through colors, pattern and geometry.


the intersection of technology and craftsmanship inherent within the brand ‘offers the best of two worlds: theory, computers, high technology, big investments with fantasy, art, sweat and humanity.’ starck says. this duality enables TOG clients to create a one off object; anyone from around the globe can upload their personal touches to already established designs, adding photos, beads, yarns and stickers. for example, various communities and local yawanawa and varzea queimada brazilian tribes are involved in the creative customizing process, developing decorated slip covers in straw or pearl chairs for a chair, or translating their traditional patterns and techniques in contemporary design elements.


open source furniture by philippe starck for TOG from designboom on Vimeo.


A Tipici Craftsmen Experiences

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Daaa Haus, nelle sedi di Ragusa e Milano, organizza A/Tipici Craftsmen Experiences.
Il focus dell’evento sarà una selezione di oggetti di design “artigianale”. Una raccolta di prodotti realizzati non per i grandi numeri ma per le serie limitate, fatti a mano, sperimentati in officine e laboratori, tipici nell’evocazione siciliana ma atipici nella contestualizzazione e nell’uso dei materiali.

DAAA Haus presents Camera 360 Seminar

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Fri 27th May 2016 – DAAA Italia a branch of the Maltese interior design company DAAA Haus, today organised a very interesting seminar about the Sicilian tourism product offering for operators in the hospitality industry of this region. The event was put together with the collaboration of the regional tourist board Federalberghi, and included speakers […]

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