Project Details

Project Type
Equestrian Resort Hotel & Spa Architecture/Interiors/Branding

Date of Completion
Work in Progress

Sq. Metres
100 hc

€4 m

Equestrian Resort & Spa


Daaa italia signs new project to design and manage the construction of 100 acres of land confirmed with eu funding at favara to create an equestrian, polo resort and spa . It will include boutique luxury hotel , outdoor pool, events terrace , tennis courts , 2 restaurants , boutique shop , stables, spa , club house , kids play area including a feature tree house , Orto and 10 acres of pistachio and olive trees , tracking paths, a conservation of a private lake amongst many . Daaa Haus Malta and Daaa Italia will be working hand in hand to carry out this project. Daaa Haus Malta will be working on the destination brand and design brief, whilst Daaa Italia will proceed with the master plan and will be managing the project up to completion stage. Below are a few renders of the proposed project.


Renders of the proposed TENUTA DEI VULLO

2  5  10  19  22  25  27  29 30 35


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