Mvintage pop up shop

The SMALLEST shop created by Daaa Haus!

Mvintage is a design solution presented to create Daaa Haus’s smallest shop! Mvintage design was initially inspired from jewelry box design; essentially the way all compartments open up to reveal the valuable goods and neatly fold away to create a tightly concealed unit. Through the jewelry box inspiration we were able to meet the demands of creating a shop within a confined space however provide the maximum amount of storage possible. Esthetically the approach was to move away from the commonly associated traditional or classic appearance and create more of  a contemporary style. The sense of luxury is pertained by using solid wood and leather finishes, most of the forms are created through clean linear lines giving it that modern edge however leaving ever so slightly a touch of nostalgia by implementing some traditional craftsmanship in the joinery works and small details such as the classic brass handles. A unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, is what helped us create a shop which astonishingly only measures 2m length by 70cm width!


Peter Korver

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Introducing Peter Korver Peter Korver, better known for his artistic talent and love for biology and history, has given us the privilege of working with us on one of our latest projects : San Anton Palace. Korver’s unique work portrays his love for nature, and the animals that surround it. Upon his arrival in Malta, […]

Delta Experience

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Introducing Delta Light Delta Light, founded by designer Paul Ameloot develops lighting solutions that enhance peoples lives. The aim is to inspire people worldwide, and to create successful projects. Most lighting products are designed internally, by architects and designers, however over the last year, Delta Light has collaborated with new designers and architects. Having worked […]

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