Matteo Trogu

“When i am working on a problem, i never think about beauty but when i have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, i know it is wrong” – Buckminster Fuller

16 June 1976

Architect and Interior Designer

Ba (Hons) Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence (maximum mark) Interior Design Master Degree, Polytechnic University of Milan

Current projects:
From Architectural to Interior design, planning and furnishing of residential, commercial or industrial buildings.

Favorite part of your job:
Concept development and experimentation

Source of inspiration:
Professionally speaking, Nature is able of unbelievable things. Humanly, every person who has been able to build something in his lives according to sound moral principles of loyalty and love for his family and dear ones

Childhood dream:
Not a particular target just being good in what i deal with and have a my own wonderful family

Favorite time of the day:
The early morning, when it’s still dark. Everything is new and it’s a fresh start.

Favorite music:
Various kind. It depens on the mood, on what I’m getting ready to tackle or on i am already doing. Jazz, Funk and Pop are a must

Favorite movie:
Various Kind as British comedy, Horror Movies (Zombie movies are a real passion), Thriller, Dark Comedy, 3D Animation Movies

Favorite colour:
I love all the colors of Nature because she always wears the colors of the spirit, because nature is able to place the colors exactly where they should be.

Idea of the future for the World:
To move forward the mankind should take a few steps back and take time to think

Own style description:
Minimalist, seductive, adaptable

Today’s dream:
To make the difference and make my family proud of me


DAAA Haus presents Camera 360 Seminar

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Fri 27th May 2016 – DAAA Italia a branch of the Maltese interior design company DAAA Haus, today organised a very interesting seminar about the Sicilian tourism product offering for operators in the hospitality industry of this region. The event was put together with the collaboration of the regional tourist board Federalberghi, and included speakers […]

DAAA Haus expands to Italy

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

DAAA Haus, the design, arts and architecture associates behind several refurbishment projects in Malta, has recently branched out into Italy, fulfilling the company’s “dream” to export its work since it was set up six years ago. Having built up a strong portfolio over the years, including hotels, catering establishments and private residences, the company convinced […]

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