Keith Pillow

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“I am thankful to be living this life and consider myself lucky for the gift of dreaming. Dreams make me want to do new things and dreams inspire me about crazy briefs to give to my team. Seeing the final result of new imaginative and impactful spaces & branding solutions is my passion. Wish you a good life. Enjoy it and look for spaces and products that make you happy.” Birthday:
22 October 1977

Entrepreneur, Vision-ere, Marketer

St.Elias Collage, Chartered Institute of Marketing / EXPERIENCE / LIFE

Current projects:
Business Development in general, starting up and overseeing a number of projects with the team

Favorite part of your job:
Achieving Objectives, Seeing finished projects & happy customers

Source of inspiration:
PEOPLE. Everything around me.

Childhood dream:
Travel & Drive a GT Turbo

Favorite time of the day:
Early Mornings. Its gives me the energy and spark to do things.
Early Evening. Going Home and spend time with the kids… & wife :-)

Favorite music:
U2, Frank Sinatra, Jazz and some classic Rock.

Favorite movie:
August Rush, Gangs of New York, Shawshank Redemption, Breakpoint etc etc .. Actually watching movies is the only free time / hobby I have so I see a lot and forget names.

Favorite colour:
White & black of course but I like other vibrant colours like Azzur blue, Orange, Yellow, Fuxia

Idea of the future for the World:
We complicate matters too much. Live and Let Live !!

Own style description:
Smart, organised and stylish.

Today’s dream:
See my kids settle and happy when they grow up. Live forever !!!!


Bespoke Cycles Event Milan

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017



Thursday, March 16th, 2017

DAAA Haus & Bespoke cycle collaborate on an exhibition to ride in style! How it all started… Bespoke cycles was born when Francesco Massari, an Italian motor bike, bicycle artisan and cyclist enthusiast met DAAA HAUS, a young and growing design studio. The team is made out of passionate cyclists with over fifty years combined experience in the cycling and […]

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