Il - Gabbana

Il – Gabbana a landmark establishment, which has been around since 1956, has been refurbished once again to integrate into 2015. The kiosk has a certain vintage authenticity which we have made an effort to preserve, however we have implemented bold touches into the existing site to create a more contemporary ambience. Many of the existing, vintage elements were studied and developed into contemporary features for the new designs, for example the new partitions encasing the area, are inspired out of patterns which are part of the original structure.

Project Details

Project Type
Café Bistro interiors/Branding

Date of Completion
April 14


Sean Mallia



Branding (Concept)


Branding (Final)


Finished Project

il-gabbana-1il-gabbana-2il-gabbana-12no 10


DAAA Haus Project short listed for The International Hotel & Property Awards

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