George Farrugia

Architect & Civil EngineerEducation:
Univesity of Malta – Faculty of Architecture&Civil Engineering

Current projects:
Current projects vary in both nature and size ranging from detailing of particular elements, structural and architectural design of residential and commercial buildings to project management of multi-million restoration and commercial projects.

Favorite part of your job:
Undoubtedly the fact that routine is totally excluded from the equation incremented by the pride in seeing the end product following months or years of planning, designing, leading, and managing the project from inception to commissioning.

Source of inspiration:
Family and Ambition to reach higher goals.

Childhood dream:

To help as many as i can with my capabilities in any profession.

Favorite time of the day:
Definitely early morning and late night as i can peacefully plan ahead and concentrate on work since there are no distractions.

Favorite music:

Orchestra, Opera, Movie Themes

Favorite movie:
Ben Hur, Quo Vadis

Favorite colour:
Grey, Dirty Green

Idea of the future for the World:
Where the success of each and every person is based purely on his merits, capabilities and hard work.

Own style description:
I feel that I am very dynamic and quick thinking to take decision – but at the same time I am very concrete and honest with my clients.

Today’s dream:
I hope to give my family a bright future through my work and also to focus more on the social context of my design apart from the purely architectural context.


A Tipici Craftsmen Experiences

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Daaa Haus, nelle sedi di Ragusa e Milano, organizza A/Tipici Craftsmen Experiences.
Il focus dell’evento sarà una selezione di oggetti di design “artigianale”. Una raccolta di prodotti realizzati non per i grandi numeri ma per le serie limitate, fatti a mano, sperimentati in officine e laboratori, tipici nell’evocazione siciliana ma atipici nella contestualizzazione e nell’uso dei materiali.

DAAA Haus presents Camera 360 Seminar

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Fri 27th May 2016 – DAAA Italia a branch of the Maltese interior design company DAAA Haus, today organised a very interesting seminar about the Sicilian tourism product offering for operators in the hospitality industry of this region. The event was put together with the collaboration of the regional tourist board Federalberghi, and included speakers […]

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