Bete Noir Manifesto

Project Details

Project Type
Boutique Hotel Interiors/Architecture/Branding

Date of Completion
Work In Progress

Sq. Metres
1,900 sqm


Valletta Boutique Hotel

Untitled Extract Pages

Bête Noir is the name of the latest brand to join our project list. The project will be focused on transforming a residence from the 16th century into a luxury boutique hotel. Daaa Haus will focus on creating a holistic experience through a powerful concept evoked  throughout the hotel in the branding and  interiors.

Bête Noir means the black beast. The design of the Boutique Hotel reflects the kind of guest that the residence wants to attract: unique, eclectic, but a little eccentric at times. This guest is open to design concepts, has an affinity to the mysterious shadows lurking in Malta’s Capital City. The target market will be affluent and not budget holiday makers. Each room in the hotel is designer finished and blends in the historical baroque architecture with the modern starkness of designer furniture.

Bête Noir recalls the noir ambience of a mysterious city sombre fairy tales of yester year, but without being too gloomy, the branding needs to use these traits in a sexy way, intriguing potential guests in wanting to reside in a boutique experience surrounded by the dark sensuality of the unknown.

Images of the existing building

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