Branding (Concept)

bespoke branding 80 bespoke branding 81 bespoke branding 82 bespoke branding 83

Branding (Final)

Bespoke branding 1 Bespoke branding 2 Bespoke branding 3 Bespoke branding 4 Bespoke branding 5 Bespoke branding 6 Bespoke branding 7 Bespoke branding 8 Bespoke branding 9 Bespoke branding 10

Finished Project

Bespoke bike 1 Bespoke bike 2 Bespoke bike 3 Bespoke bike 4 Bespoke bike 5 Bespoke bike 6      Bespoke bike 30 Bespoke bike 31 Bespoke bike 15 Bespoke bike 16 Bespoke bike 17 Bespoke bike 18 bespoke1bespokeBespoke bike 19 Bespoke bike 20 Bespoke bike 21 Bespoke bike 22 Bespoke bike 23 Bespoke bike 24 Bespoke bike 28 bespoke3colour-copiabespoke1d8c_3726-copia


Bespoke Cycles Event Milan

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017



Thursday, March 16th, 2017

DAAA Haus & Bespoke cycle collaborate on an exhibition to ride in style! How it all started… Bespoke cycles was born when Francesco Massari, an Italian motor bike, bicycle artisan and cyclist enthusiast met DAAA HAUS, a young and growing design studio. The team is made out of passionate cyclists with over fifty years combined experience in the cycling and […]

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