Bay Street Hotel


At Daaa Haus we are pleased to announce that we shall be revamping Bay Street Hotel. The Hotel will be given a complete makeover, a new vibrant concept shall be the driving force behind the fresh brand identity. It will focus on the needs of the current traveller and will reflect the young vibrant atmosphere of the hotel’s surroundings.

final render 4

A fusions of styles have influenced the designs, ultimately the idea is to create a Modern, Cool, Fashionable, Bold and Tech Savvy environment.
To paint a better picture of this new brand identity Daaa Haus has compiled a Manifesto.


A contemporary, tech savvy, art, bold and fashionable designer experience. The new Baystreet Hotel would be the new face of Hospitality in Paceville. From tantalizing food, technological & glamorous spaces to the detailed and comfortable room designs all set within the fashion and entertainment district.

Working closely with a team of creative designers the hotel goes beyond imagination, combining art and comfort with technology and innovations in architecture . The new Hotel brings unprecedented standard of Hospitality. It introduces an exponential factor which over comes sensations and experiences. From contemporary chic to urban modern trends the suggested concepts will bring unique originality and pure expression of innovation. The new brand will be a fusion design. The imagination of a group of designers that sometimes contrast each other with contradictory pieces, would peacefully co-exist in large open spaces. Baystreet Hotel architectural space concept is unique. Unlike other Hotels where the facade and lobby are given major importance, Baystreet Hotel looks at every corner space giving priority to all public areas used, making the experiences of moving from one place to the other truly unique, full of surprises, pushing expectation beyond all limits.

Below are some renders of the designs.

FINAL RENDER 1 final render 2 final render 3 final render 4 final render 5 final render 7

render 2 render 3 (2) render 4 render 6RENDER 5  (2)RENDER 4RENDER 6


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