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We are a team of CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS ranging from architects, interior designers, product designers, graphic designers, communications and business innovators, driven by a common passion for design and goal; that of INSPIRING and leading clients to great results whilst enjoying the process of design.

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Our Featured Projects

  • Vullo Estates - Clubhouse-Giarrizzo
    Project Details Project Type Hotel Restaurant Interior Design/Branding Date of Completion March 16 Sq. Metres 300 sqm Plans 3d Renders Work in Progress Finished Project    
  • Mellows
    Project Details Project Type Cafe's Interior Design/Branding Date of Completion Work in Progress Concept Plans 3D Renders   Branding Work in Progress
  • Delizie Siciliane
    Small renovation project in Sliema. The idea was to transform this venue into an attractive and traditional Sicilian style pasticceria.
  • Bistroteca
    Bistroteca a modern eatery set in the heart of Buggiba square. The designs reflect an urban industrial style, yet retains a warm inviting atmosphere.
  • Cafè Cuba
    Project Details Project Type Cafe's & Restaurants Interior Design Date of Completion July 2016 Concept Plans Final project Work in progress  
  • Private Villa Ragusa
    Design & Construction of Private Residence by Arch. Giorgio Occhipinti.
  • GC
    A Gentlemans club in Paceville that is sophisticated and very luxurious. Baroque styling,Back lit marble, laser cut screens and gold accents are rich and dramatic.
  • Zeri's Restaurant
    Project Details Project Type Restaurant Refurbishment/Interior Design Date of Completion March 16 Sq. Metres 110 sqm Photographer Elsa Allen Plans Finished Project  



Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Daaa Haus has come a long way; Seven years ago, Daaa Haus was merely a man with a vision and handful of people with a common passion for design. Today the company has expanded to three offices, 2 of which being set up in Italy and a number of individuals with a creative drive working […]


Friday, December 22nd, 2017

The DAAA:LOGIX team is delighted to announce that we are now working from a larger and more vibrant studio space at Central Business District in Mriehel. Over the success of the past 7 years Daaa Haus has experienced a substantial growth to the team inevitably resulting in the growth of the work premises. One of […]

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